Writing Services

Professional and Business

  • PROPOSALS: In this era of the quick email, a thorough and well-crafted proposal can secure approval for your project or new idea.
  • APPEALS: This is my core strength and specialty. An appeal that is organized, thorough and persuasive can make your case with an insurer, vendor, or any external client.
  • MANUALS: Demystify processes and make policies crystal clear with manuals that are designed to clarify rather than confuse.
  • WEB CONTENT: We’re all so overwhelmed and bombarded with websites and emails that not much makes it through our filters. Break through the noise with web copy that is professional but unexpected.

Personal and Individual

  • RESUMES: As a hiring manager (for longer than I am willing to tell), I looked at thousands of resumes and cover letters. Very few intrigued and delighted, but those applicants were always called in for interviews. Any resume writer can help you avoid grammatical errors and include industry keywords, but I can help you draft a resume with some sparkle that will make an interviewer want to get to know more about you.
  • APPEALS: This is my core strength and specialty. On behalf of clients I’ve written appeals to insurers, mortgage companies, individuals, banks, and inadequate service providers. I have a 90% success rate of positive outcomes.
  • GHOSTWRITING: There are countless great ideas trapped in brilliant minds unable to make the transition to the page. Let me help you set them free!