ARCHIBALD (18) aI am Debi Archibald, Founder and Owner of Pikes Peak Pen, LLC. I am also a lifelong logophile. I wrote prolifically through high school and college where my love of words spilled over into foreign languages. I left Arizona State University with a B.A. in French (you can only imagine how useful that was in Arizona!), a solid foundation in Spanish and a smattering of Italian. In the last few years, I’ve added Irish to that Tower of Babel.

Practicality, mortgages and parenthood led me down a slightly less artistic path into the realm of healthcare management. While I helped neonatal and dialysis practices succeed financially, my greatest satisfaction always came when I was writing appeals, training materials or letters to patients, or when I was coaching my team to improve their own communication skills. The personal call from a Medicare review nurse telling me I was “an artist in words” gave me far more professional pleasure than all the exceeded revenue goals or budget management successes I ever achieved.

And so in the pursuit of authentic work and being a responsible steward of the gifts I’ve been given, I crafted a transition plan. I decided to leave behind the financial arena and focus solely and intentionally on writing for and with a wider audience. And I decided to do it in the place I love most, Colorado Springs.

Walking out the door and being able to look at Pikes Peak at any time is a guaranteed attitude adjustor. If you work with me in person in Colorado, I can promise that at least once I will urge you to “really look at the mountains”. In addition to wearing my writer’s hat, I’m a hiker and runner. My bucket list includes climbing the Manitou Incline without requiring the services of a paramedic at the top and reaching the summit of the Peak on foot. I’d rather troll the stalls of the Farmers Markets than go to the mall, and I don’t think a piece of furniture has earned its place in my house unless it’s at least 100 years old.

I am passionate about all these things, but by far my most important roles are those of daughter, sister, aunt, mother and Nana. Being a grandmother to five most intriguing little individuals has given my life a depth and texture I could never have imagined. And that makes me all the more committed to leaving a legacy of work and words that matters.